The quality of Perth coffee is rapidly improving and there’s a handful of coffee shops leading the charge. Enter Felix & Co Specialty Coffee.

Nestled on the Hampden Rd strip of Nedlands, this little outfit packs a big punch. Several familiar faces are pumping out some excellent coffee from a stellar line-up of Eastern roasters, including Mecca (NSW), Market Lane (Vic) and Proud Mary (Vic). As doctors, students and locals trickle in and out of this tiny space, there’s an air of chill. It’s interesting but relaxed.


We’re going to put it out there: Felix & Co serves the best filter coffee in Perth. They rotate through a number of outstanding seasonal offerings on both pour over and syphon, each better than the next. The highlight for us was a syphoned Colombian – a mouthful of juicy plums and red grapes.

The espresso is also delicious. Try Mecca’s ‘Dark Horse’ blend through milk or a super-clean Ethiopian Haranjicho with floral and herbaceous notes. The La Marzocco Linea/Mazzer set up is simple, but fast becoming an industry favourite.


So, what’s the catch? Well, it’s a matter of opinion. Importing roasted coffee from the Eastern States has a couple of implications. One, it’s not from Perth, which means it doesn’t support a local roasting culture. Two, the filter coffees can be as expensive as $8!

But there’s two sides to every story. Some say importing better-quality Eastern coffees will drive a higher standard in Perth, and that’s worth paying for. Felix & Co has also sourced some coffee from Dukes, which is now operating out of Small Print in the CBD.

One thing’s for sure – these guys genuinely care about coffee. As you bring the cup to your mouth you can feel the baristas waiting in anticipation from behind the espresso machine. They eventually saunter over to your table to seek your feedback. They enjoy the conversation, and you will too.

As coffee does become more popular and more competitive in Perth, a place like Felix & Co serves an important purpose. It grounds our coffee culture in quality products and quality service. It serves as a yard-stick for new ventures across the city.

As coffee producers around the world enter a new season, there’ll be new and exciting coffee hitting the shelves soon – we can’t wait to taste what Felix & Co offers next!

Felix & Co is open 6.30-4 Monday to Friday, 7-3 Saturday to Sunday.

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