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A new powerhouse coffee company has penetrated the Golden Triangle: Typika Artisan Roasters.

Named after a common varietal of coffee plant, Typika isn’t an every-day coffee shop. The warehouse space that sits beside Stirling Highway is massive, housing a coffee bar, restaurant, roasting facility and training room. These guys mean business, in a big way.

Picture by Sonny Knox

Picture by Sonny Knox

The first espresso (Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea house blend) we ever tasted at Typika was delicious – dark chocolate on the nose, heavy mouthfeel and honey-roasted nuts. A little on the dark side in terms of roast profile, but hey, decent through milk as well.

The Kenya cold brew is served as a concentrate (produced by the Hario drip device), with the option of spring or sparkling water. Although the water dilutes the brew, it still retains a pleasant blackcurrant flavour – very characteristic of Kenyan coffees.

(We tried only the espresso and cold brew because that’s all they have! We counted seven grinders behind the espresso bar alone, so presumably we’ll see some single estates soon…)

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It was on subsequent visits that we noticed a problem: consistency. Typika obviously cares about coffee and has invested a lot of money in valuable equipment. But when you’ve got four baristas pulling shots from two different machines, it’s impossible to make every coffee the same. Our second espresso, for example, was under-extracted – a sour shadow of its former self.

The other thing is capsule machines. Typika sells a house-brand capsule machine just like the Nespresso model. We don’t want this article to descend into a slinging match, but we think Typika can do better than that. Companies like Nespresso have ‘dumbed down’ the amazing art of coffee to one button and a bunch of expensive capsules – we need to support local and independent specialty coffee shops who are keeping it real, minus George Clooney.

That said, it’s clear Typika is engaging the local community in specialty coffee. Consistency will improve with time and so will the range of coffees available. At $3 for black and $4 for milk, the current offerings are a bargain for such an affluent area. You don’t even get attacked by rich people. We’re looking forward to our next visit, and the stuff Typika brings out next!

Typika is open 7-4 all week. It’s located on Stirling Highway in Claremont, just past Bayview Terrace.

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