Mount Hawthorn is a funny suburb. It’s got Italians, young families and yuppies. The families send their beloved children to the local primary school; the yuppies would die before spawning demons from their bodies.

For all its demographics, Mount Hawthorn has never had a truly great coffee shop. That is, until Humblebee buzzed into town (you’ll have to forgive us for the bee references, we know it stings).

Humblebee is exactly that: simple, modest coffee that tastes like honey. These guys offer some of the best coffee in Perth, but without the self-obsessed fanfare of some bigger roasters around town.

The deal is straightforward: choose house-roasted espresso or filter coffee, and enjoy. The Coogee St espresso blend is sweet and nutty. The Panama Geisha served over ice has a crisp grapefruit acidity. The Colombian Potosi Guatica La Cristalina is light and aromatic with apricot sweetness. Nothing more, nothing less.

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The shop is small but packs an impressive arsenal of coffee equipment. Baristas pull espresso through an elegant jet-black La Marzocco GB/5, which sits in front of a Mahlkonig EK43 grinder. The pour-over brand of choice is the Kalita Wave, a refreshing alternative to the Hario products we see all over the city. Out back there’s a brand new 15kg Probat roaster and plenty of space for cupping and training classes.

The simplicity, however, may be too simple for some punters. The menu cheekily states ‘no decaf, skinny or soy’, which will get some yuppy blood boiling around Mount Hawthorn. We also suspect the shop will outgrow its capacity once the people of greater Perth discover its secret location. We, on the other hand, love it. Why shouldn’t a coffee shop decide the rules of the game to showcase their product in best light?

Humblebee is the sort of coffee shop we want to see more of in Perth: locally-roasted coffee served with attention to detail and a smile. The baristas are lovely and it’s just a cool place to hang out. Try it next time you’re passing the legendary suburb of Mount Hawthorn and you’ll see what we mean, beelieve us.

Humblebee Coffee is open 6.30-2.30 Monday to Friday, 7.30-3 Saturday. It’s located on Coogee St, just off Scarborough Beach Rd in Mount Hawthorn. 

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