northbridge coffee roasters

This week we were treated to some classic Italian hospitality at The Northbridge Coffee Roasters event, LO’DOWN.

LO’DOWN was an opportunity for coffee drinkers to meet up and have some fun with coffee. There was everything: a presentation on the upcoming World Barista Championship, a jumbo SCAA tasting wheel and a latte art ‘wheel of fortune’ competition. We were like kids in a theme park…but instead of roller-coasters there were…espresso machines. Yeah.

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The Northbridge Coffee Roasters are actually part of wholesale giant European Foods, which has been roasting coffee since 1936. Recently European Foods rebranded its coffee arm in a bid to break into Perth’s lucrative specialty coffee market – and so the trendy Northbridge Coffee Roasters were born.

Nestled somewhere between the passata and the chinotto, these ‘new’ kids occupy an impressive space in the Aberdeen St warehouse. The espresso bar is a shrine to coffee, with all sorts of tools and gadgets on display. Upstairs there’s a massive training centre, fully equipped for educating the general public about coffee. We had a spin on the new competition Nuova Simonelli, the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship.


Indeed, the sheer size of European Foods means that The Northbridge Coffee Roasters have a mighty force behind them. When we arrived at LO’DOWN there were two big Probats churning away at freshly-roasted coffee; the shelves were stacked high with kilos upon kilos of packaged beans. The real question is whether The Northbridge Coffee Roasters will make a successful transition from ‘classic’ Italian blends – you know, the ones that taste like ash – to something more refined which complements Perth’s emerging specialty coffee scene.

We think The Northbridge Coffee Roasters have a lot of potential, and it’s clear from last night they have a team who are knowledgable, friendly and passionate. We look forward to drinking coffee there over the next few months..and picking up some cheeky biscotti too.

The Northbridge Coffee Roasters are located near the corner of Aberdeen and Lake Streets, Northbridge. A big thank you to Kelsie White and the team for hosting us last night.

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